Help Your Child Get Organized

Developing and maintaining good organizational skills is a key ingredient for success in school and in a child’s life.

Anyone can put routines and systems in place to help a child get organized.

Ten Ways to Help Your Child Get Organized:

1. Teach your child to use checklists to post assignments, chores, and reminders about what materials to take to class; use an agenda/planner dedicated to listing homework assignments.

2. Organize the order of homework assignments; begin with the easiest and avoid saving the hardest assignment to last.

3. Designate a study space that is quiet, has few distractions, and has school supplies.

4. Set a designated study time with time to unwind after school.

5. Keep notebooks organized; help your child keep track of papers by organizing them with binders and dividers.

6. Conduct a weekly clean-up; encourage your child to sort and clean out book bags, notebooks, and their study area.

7. Create a household schedule; establish and maintain a regular dinnertime and bedtime.

8. Keep a master calendar of family commitments, extracurricular activities, days off school, and home and school events.

9. Prepare for the next day; help your child develop the routine of packing schoolwork in their book bag, laying out clothing, and preparing their lunch box for the next day.

10. Set a good example of organizational skills.

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