Ten Traits of Healthy Significant Relationships

Did you know there are ten traits of healthy significant relationships?


Strong relationships have these common characteristics which help them stand the test of time…

1.   Commitment, dedication

2.   Friendship

3.   Emotional and mental health

4.   Healthy, supportive friends

5.   Effective conflict resolution and decision making

6.   Serving each other with respect and admiration

7.   Time for companionship, fun, and relationship growth

8.   Mutually satisfying verbal and nonverbal communication

9.   Realistic, communicated expectations of each other

10. Shared values, standards, ethics, and principles

The fewer of these that are present in the relationship, the more challenges the relationship will have and the less satisfying the relationship is likely to be.

For instance, friendship consists of acceptance, accountability, commitment, joy, loyalty, openness, a positive outlook, feeling safe, and shared beliefs and values.

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