Mental Health Tidbits

‘Did You Know’ these ‘Mental Health Tidbits’?

1. ADD/ADHD children and adults are much more likely to wet their beds… why?   They usually sleep deeply and don’t easily awaken to the body’s urge to urinate.

2. The experience of ‘déjà  vu’ is feeling like you experienced something before when you know that you really did not.  Usually, the only individuals who experience déjà vu are those who have ADD/ADHD, a seizure disorder, or a closed head or traumatic brain injury.

3. A physical anomaly of individuals with ADD/ADHD is ears that are usually set lower on the head.

4. Because nicotine initially stimulates the brain, then acts as a tranquilizer and sedative, it is commonly smoked or chewed by ADD/ADHD individuals before bed time.

5. The neurotransmitters for the brain are largely produced in the gut of an individual.  Good nutrition and the health of the gut are inter-related with every person’s ‘mental health.’


If you or a family member wants an evaluation to determine the dependence on a substance and desire recovery from that substance abuse, please call me, Carol Ann Worthing, PhD, at 303-663-5846 or visit my Contact page to send an e-mail. I have over 20 years of professional experience with successful outcomes.

Carol Ann Worthing, PhD of Individual & Family Wholeness is a psychotherapist in private practice since 1992. She has her PhD in Psychology from Northcentral University in Arizona. She provides a safe and caring approach to your counseling and psychotherapy and evaluations for individuals, couples, families, and children. Her practice represents integrity, competency, and confidentiality, a safe and caring place for psychotherapy. It is her mission to guide you and your family to become emotionally and physically whole and to help you deliberately build your lives and families on that wholeness.

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