People May Seek Their Own Level of Mental Health in Relationships

‘Did You Know’ people seek their own level of mental health in relationships?

There are pathological reasons why couples are mismatched in relationships.  If an individual doesn’t recognize the need for emotional healing and get it, he or she will attract an individual who fits into or is accepting of that type of character dysfunction.  Examples of these relationships may be…

  • Strong individuals may connect with weak individuals
  • Co-dependents may connect with those dependent on…
  • Narcissists may connect with those who are needy, weak, or those who feel inferior, or feel like a victim
  • Adult individuals who relate  to each other in a parent-child manner
  • Adult individuals who relate to each other in a child-child manner
  • Adult individuals who relate to each other in a parent-parent manner
  • Caretakers who take care of another
  • Opposites who are attracted to one another
  • Having an attraction to a personality trait in another that you want
  • Being attracted to someone with an unresolved issue from your own unresolved past
  • Being attracted to the ‘badness’ in someone because you don’t recognize and heal your own character flaws
  • Disengaged individuals because that is how they were raised
  • Over enmeshed individuals because that is how they were raised
  • Someone with low self-esteem attracted to their idea of the ‘trophy’

If you are passionate about having good relationships and want yours to mature to a place of deep meaning and connection, please call me for your Relationship Coaching and Counseling, Carol Ann Worthing, PhD, at 303-663-5846 or visit my Contact page. I have over 20 years of professional experience with successful outcomes.

Carol Ann Worthing, PhD of Individual & Family Wholeness is a psychotherapist in private practice since 1992. She has her PhD in Psychology from Northcentral University in Arizona. She provides a safe and caring approach to your counseling and psychotherapy and evaluations for individuals, couples, families, and children. Her practice represents integrity, competency, and confidentiality, a safe and caring place for psychotherapy. It is her mission to guide you and your family to become emotionally and physically whole and to help you deliberately build your lives and families on that wholeness.

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