June 2013

Participation in Relapse Prevention for Addiction Requires your own Involvement

‘Did You Know’ participation in relapse prevention for an addiction requires the following involvement from you: Commitment to change Readiness to change Sobriety and abstinence going forward Honesty and truth Compliance to requirements Dependability and responsibility Visible effort and action Participation and communication Healthy boundaries with self and others Learning and growing If you or […]

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Your Child’s Behavior may be Indicative of your Parenting Style

‘Did You Know” your child’s behavior may be indicative of your parenting style?  From the worst to the best parenting styles, choose the behavior outcomes indicated by your parenting style: Neglectful and uninvolved parenting may produce children who have aggressive behavior or conduct or attachment issues. Permissive parenting may yield children who lack persistence, and […]

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