Common Risk Factors for Drug or Alcohol Abuse or Dependence

‘Did You Know’ there are common and significant risk factors for drug and/or alcohol abuse or dependence?  Some of these risk factors include the following: Genetic vulnerability/ predisposition Early exposure to alcohol and/or drugs Co-morbid presence of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar, PTSD, personality disorders, conduct disorder, etc. Family abuse, neglect, and […]

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Relapse from Sobriety because of Denial of Relapse Warning Signs

‘Did You Know’ that people relapse from their sobriety of alcohol and/or drugs because of denial or ignoring relapse warning signs?   Relapse from sobriety happens as a result of a process; it is not just an event.  Some of the relapse signs might have to do with people, places, attitudes, feelings, thinking, behaviors, and […]

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