substance abuse/dependence evaluations

Alcoholism is Considered a Progressive Disease

‘Did You Know’ alcoholism is called a ‘progressive disease’ for a very specific reason?  If alcoholism is left untreated, it will eventually physically kill the alcoholic.   Approximately one out of every thirty alcoholics dies sober!   Alcohol is the cause of 60% of auto accidents.  Fifty percent of beds in hospitals are taken because of drug […]

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Your Addiction has a Price

‘Did You Know’ your addiction has a price you are paying for it and a cost of having it? The price of your addiction can be easily calculated.  If you spend $50 a week for alcohol, nicotine, or another addiction, you have spent $2,600 a year for your addiction; $26,000 for 10 years of your […]

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The Drug of Choice for Untreated ADHD and ADD

‘Did You Know’ the drug of choice for untreated ADHD and ADD individuals is usually marijuana? A significant risk factor for adolescent dependence and abuse of marijuana is the presence of a dual-diagnosis such as ADHD, ADD, depression, anxiety, conduct disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, or specific learning disorders. In private practice since 1992, ADD […]

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