substance use

Common Risk Factors for Drug or Alcohol Abuse or Dependence

‘Did You Know’ there are common and significant risk factors for drug and/or alcohol abuse or dependence?  Some of these risk factors include the following: Genetic vulnerability/ predisposition Early exposure to alcohol and/or drugs Co-morbid presence of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar, PTSD, personality disorders, conduct disorder, etc. Family abuse, neglect, and […]

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Relapse from Sobriety because of Denial of Relapse Warning Signs

‘Did You Know’ that people relapse from their sobriety of alcohol and/or drugs because of denial or ignoring relapse warning signs?   Relapse from sobriety happens as a result of a process; it is not just an event.  Some of the relapse signs might have to do with people, places, attitudes, feelings, thinking, behaviors, and […]

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An Inexpensive way to find out your Blood Alcohol Level

‘Did You Know’ there is an easy, inexpensive way to know what your Blood Alcohol (BA) is when you are drinking? Most pharmacies market an alcohol breathalyzer that calculates the level of alcohol in the blood. As you drink, you can test your own blood alcohol level and know better when you have reached the […]

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