Twelve Ways to Stay on Your Diet during the Holidays

Holiday Diet
For most people, holiday eating leads to abandoning diets and gaining weight. Pre-emptive planning can help prevent that post-holiday bulge without ruining your holiday feast by following these…
Twelve Ways to Stay on Your Diet during the Holidays

  • Take or serve fat-free or low-fat dishes for potluck parties
  • Replace sweets with healthy holiday snacks such as fruit and nuts in the shell
  • Avoid starving yourself before a holiday meal
  • Drink plenty of water before eating
  • Don’t nibble while you cook
  • Minimize before-dinner appetizers
  • Eat smaller portions
  • Eating salad first can reduce total calorie intake
  • Eating foods rich in fiber, lean protein, and water fill you up
  • Reduce or avoid alcohol; opt for creative alternatives
  • Maintain your exercise program through the holidays
  • If you’re depressed, see a professional; depressed people are likely to eat comfort foods that are rich in carbohydrates/sugar
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Family Circle  March 8, 2005
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