Alcoholism is Considered a Progressive Disease

‘Did You Know’ alcoholism is called a ‘progressive disease’ for a very specific reason?  If alcoholism is left untreated, it will eventually physically kill the alcoholic.   Approximately one out of every thirty alcoholics dies sober!   Alcohol is the cause of 60% of auto accidents.  Fifty percent of beds in hospitals are taken because of drug and alcohol related issues.

A significant risk factor for alcoholism is a genetic predisposition from the family of origin.  The presence of a dual-diagnosis (a mental health disorder) such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, post traumatic stress disorder, ADD/ADHD, personality disorders, etc… is also a common risk factor for alcoholism.

The absolute truth is that the harmful effects of alcohol include the following:

– Impairment of judgment, memory, concentration, and coordination
– Induces mood swings and emotional outbursts
– Depresses the nerve cells in the brain
– Dulls and damages brain’s ability to respond normally
– Causes sleep, anesthesia, respiratory failure, coma, and death
– Causes addiction to alcohol
– Causes breathing to stop
– Lowers resistance to infection
– Causes alcoholic hepatitis (inflammation and destruction of liver)
– Causes cirrhosis of the liver
– Causes fluid to build in extremities
– Decreases production of blood-clotting factors
– Liver accumulates fat, causing life failure, coma, and death
– Causes impaired sexual functioning
– Causes impotence and infertility
– Causes high risk of developing breast and prostate cancer
– Causes impaired visual ability and unclear hearing
– Causes dulled smell and taste, and pain perception
– Impairs sense of time and space and slows reactions
– Slurs speech, distorts vision and ability to adjust to lights
– Irritates and damages lining of  esophagus
– Causes cancer of esophagus,  colon, and intestines
– Weakens heart muscle and heart’s ability to pump
– Increases blood pressure, risk of heart attack, and strokes
– Inhibits production of white and red blood cells
– Muscles atrophy, become tender, weaker, and spasm
– Irritates lining of intestinal tract and colon
– Inflames pancreas
– Causes peptic ulcers and bleeding lesions of the stomach
– Causes nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, and appetite issues
– Impairs small intestine’s ability to process nutrients and vitamins
– Interferes with absorption of calcium causing osteoporosis
– Use during pregnancy can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: small head, brain damage,  poor growth and development, and other disorders
– Causes the brain to end production of brain chemicals necessary to feel good

For more details visit:  Health & Drug Education Series

Addicts recover, die, or live their life in/out of probation, jail or prison… What do you want for yourself and your family?

If you or a family member wants an evaluation to determine the presence of a dual-diagnosis such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, post  traumatic stress disorder, ADD/ADHD, a personality disorder, etc… and alcohol abuse, please call me, Carol Ann Worthing, PhD, at 303-663-5846 or visit my Contact page to send an e-mail. I have over 20 years of professional experience with successful outcomes.

Carol Ann Worthing, PhD of Individual & Family Wholeness is a psychotherapist in private practice since 1992. She has her PhD in Psychology from Northcentral University in Arizona. She provides a safe and caring approach to your counseling and psychotherapy and evaluations for individuals, couples, families, and children. Her practice represents integrity, competency, and confidentiality, a safe and caring place for psychotherapy. It is her mission to guide you and your family to become emotionally and physically whole and to help you deliberately build your lives and families on that wholeness.

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