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Common Collators to Addiction

‘Did You Know’ there are commonly found collators to addiction? They are… Disengaged Family Style Rigid Family Style Permissive, Neglectful, Authoritarian Parenting Styles Self-Loathing Loneliness Denial: Rationalizing, Minimizing, Etc. Mental Disorders: Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Bipolar, Personality Disorders, Etc. There are other valuable things to understand about addictions… No, not every child experiments with substances. Yes, […]

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Newsletter Page    ‘For What It’s Worth‘ are segments of information that relate to topics of interest about parenting, relationships, communication, life transitions, and challenges in mental health. +++++++++++ Click here for Dr. Carol Ann Worthing’s two page summary of her Dissertation in The Forensic Therapist: ‘Who are they that drink and drive?’ Re-Printed from: […]

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