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When I first started LENS with Dr. Worthing, I had a tremendous amount of trouble focusing in school and motivating myself to do homework. After some weeks with LENS treatment my grades started to go up all because of my ability to complete my work with efficiency. The overall quality of my schoolwork increased. Now I am almost a straight A student and do not feel much pressure from school.


Receiving this LENS therapy since 2015 has helped me a lot, what I mean by that is I am starting to not feel disabled the way I did 15 years ago. It helped me to be a little more independent and I can focus on what I need to do in life. This LENS also helped to not have sweaty hands and feet like I did in the past. Just awhile back I got my fingers done to help me not have anxiety which worked. In closing I would recommend it to anyone who needs it; it really helped me with my problems and it's worth getting.


I called Dr. Carol Ann Worthing, about two years ago, after a relapse with alcohol and desperation to stop drinking. She returned my call immediately and we scheduled to meet weekly. A year and a half later, Dr. Worthing supplemented my visits with LENS therapy. Between her counsel and LENS, I have been sober for 18 months. The obsession with drinking has completely gone away and paved the way for me to focus on other priorities like faith, family, health, diet and work. I have seen improvements in all areas of my life. I have become more spiritual and started to go to church again. I have been given new tools and information to help guide my children and family members. My relationship with my husband has improved. I have cut sugar and processed carbs out of my diet, losing over 25 pounds and am healthier than I ever have been. Lastly, together we have continually worked on managing stress and setting boundaries at my work place. My job is still very stressful; however, I am managing much better. I don't procrastinate as much as I used to, and I check off a to-do list daily. I recently was promoted and recognized for my efforts. Things are finally coming together for me and I have never been happier. Dr. Worthing has definitely helped me put my life back into focus.


I am happily married and a mother of three, and have a background in nursing and research and degree in molecular, cellular and developmental biology. For a few years, I had been receiving psychotherapy and spiritual direction with Dr. Carol Ann Worthing for anxiety and its negative effects in my life, and with her help, had gratefully been able to make many positive changes in my life. However, I was still having difficulty with some anxiety and looking back, I think I was just managing or compensating better than I ever had before I began psychotherapy with her. When Dr. Worthing began to use the LENS in her practice, I thought I would give it a try. Coupled along with good dietary choices, I saw a lot of benefits. My anxiety and sensory issues went down. I was able to focus and organize better and had an improvement in my clarity and memory. My physical pain decreased, my ability to sleep and my relationships improved, and my overall life felt easier.

After I had experienced the benefits of the LENS myself, I asked myself, why wouldn't I bring all three of my children to receive the LENS. My husband and I are so grateful for the decision to do so. We especially saw big changes in our 10 year old daughter, who was struggling in many ways related to fine motor, gross motor, and learning delays. In spite of all the different things we had tried, we had continued to see her struggling. After 25 sessions of the LENS, we saw vast improvements where she was able to engage with others better, perform better in all areas of school, and even wanted to try sports she had previously decided she could never play. She isn't tired as she used to be and for the first time in her life, I see her sparkling with confidence.

Our seven year old son also benefited and we saw his mood, focus, energy and verbal expression improve, and his temper tantrums, sensory issues and anxiety decrease. We are consistently able to enjoy his company now!

Our oldest son received a decrease in sensory issues, anxiety and physical pain, and an increase in clarity, memory, and mood stability. Now he is more able to keep himself more organized and follow conversations more easily.

I thoroughly trust Dr. Worthing and recommend the LENS for all of its possible benefits! I am forever grateful to her for unlocking God's gifts of joy and peace upon my life and the lives of my family. She is a saint! Thank you Dr. Worthing!!! I am eternally grateful!


In November of 2017, I suffered a very bad concussion from an accidental fall. I became a client of Dr. Worthing and did the LENS therapy, which was vital for my recovery and the healing of my brain. Through the LENS sessions I have found improvement with my clarity, focus, brain fog, word finding and my memory. Dr. Worthing has been instrumental in helping me with life challenges such as an alcohol relapse, a job loss, and other family concerns. She has helped me return back to my faith and find and regain my spiritual well-being. Dr. Worthing's gentle approach opens a wonderful gateway of communication, is easy to talk with, and has insight into my life issues.


I have an 11 year old son who was diagnosed with ADHD. He has struggled with focus, behavior issues and emotional outbursts for several years. We finally reached out to Dr. Worthing who used psychotherapy and the LENS... Low Energy Neurofeedback System with my son.

He now has far fewer behavioral issues, is able to focus and his emotional outbursts occur far less often. We were afraid the only alternative to treat him was medication but are very thankful that we were referred to Dr. Worthing. We now have a much happier boy and our entire family runs more smoothly. If it weren't for Dr. Worthing I am not sure where we would be right now.


By April of 2014 when I first visited with Carol Ann Worthing, PhD, I had suffered with severe rheumatoid arthritis for about four years. It was so severe that there were times I could not walk. I found a great Rheumatologist and after several trials of different medications, I started on an injectable medication to be taken once per week. This immediately helped and I was quite functional again. These medications run about $500.00 per injection adding up to $26,000 a year. Even with the injections, I still had some aches and stiffness, but I was definitely functional.

In April of 2014, I started to see Carol Ann Worthing, PhD, for additional help. She used the LENS... Low Energy Neurofeedback System on me every week for 24 sessions over six months. I experienced immediate results from LENS. Following my sessions, I had a huge dose of clarity and energy, the kind you always wish you could bottle! Part of rheumatoid arthritis was having a heavy weighted feeling. I also had great stiffness in my hips as though I had a board horizontal across my hips. Within a month or so of LENS sessions, that heavy weighted feeling had dissipated and my walking gait was long and smooth. It had been a very long time since I had that fluid gait.

While I was receiving the LENS, I started reducing my injectable medication to every 10 days and eventually stopped my medication while I was still doing LENS sessions. It has now been about a year since my last LENS session and I have never gone back to medication and have no pain and need for it.

Dr. Carol Ann Worthing is a God-send and with her expertise, I am back to feeling normal and healthy. The LENS sessions are easy, painless, and give results. Dr. Worthing is a kind and compassionate person that truly wants to see results with her clients.



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